I'm very pleased with the extensive electrical work (2 breaker boxes, radiators, transfer switch and outlets) Palma Electric has done on my home.  Wiring was very neat and they took a lot of care to minimize the overall impact of the new work to my home.  Mike Palmasino, the principle, and the two other electricians working for Palma Electric were very professional, courteous and thorough with the way they approach their work.  They price their work very reasonably and changes after the project began were not a problem and incurred only a nominal charge.  They came back promptly when a small fix was needed (a newer breaker was ultimately incompatible with a dehumidifier I was running) a couple weeks later for no additional charge.  I have recommended Palma Electric to several friends.

-Peter O.

Wilmington, MA

I employed the services of PALMA Electric while building an addition and renovating an old barn. At every stage of the project Mike Palmisano was available for advice. I was carefully guided through budgeting, layout, and design. Mike's work is first class and he is a contractor who really cares about his customers, his business, and his quality of work. Communication throughout the project was excellent. All work was completed on time and even though conditions were less than ideal Mike made everything look simple. I would recommend PALMA Electric for any and all of your electrical needs.

-John D


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